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Christie Pederson

Christie Pederson began her gymnastics career as an eager 5 year old.  Her love for the sport continued to grow as she faithfully progressed through 10 years of rigorous gymnastics competition.  Since then Christie has taken her passion for the sport she loves and put it into teaching.  She has taught throughout the South Sound region for the past 15 years instructing everyone from competitive gymnasts to recreational students, junior high teams, and dancers.  Christie is known by all for her positive energy, for incorporating creativity within the gymnastics and dance arenas, and for her ability to inspire and challenge students.  Christie is also the head coach of Tahoma High School Gymnastics team.   As mentioned previously, Christie has an incredible passion for the sport of gymnastics and is very excited to be teaching at Allegro.

Class schedule:

September 8, 2015 - June 2016

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4:15- 5:10pm Tumbling 3 JR (8-12 yrs)

5:15- 6:10pm Tumbling 3 SR (13 yrs +)




4-4:55pm Tumbling 1 JR (8 -12 yrs)  

5- 5:55pm Tumbling 2 JR & SR (8+ yrs)  

6-6:55pm Tumbling 1 youth (5-7 yrs)  

7-7:55pm Tumbling 1 SR (13 yrs and up)