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Gil (Tito) Aguiniga
Hip Hop Instructor
Allegro Teacher since 2016

It began with hip hop at 15

Gil has been dancing for over 10 years. He started dancing in the Seattle dance scene when he was 15 years old. At around 16, he began training with PG Fam. Gil began choreographing for PG Fam at the age of 18. Since then, he has choreographed numerous sets for PG Fam for shows including, Unrated, WOD, The Main event and We Day.

Award winning hip hop choreographer

Gil’s choreography was recently featured in PG Fam’s most recent set at World of Dance Seattle 2015 which won first place. Gil has come to Allegro numerous times in the past to assist Cameron Lee's guest choreography for our PURE hip hop team and we LOVE his enthusiasm!

His path and style is continually growing

Gil has taught at a number of studios in the northwest expanding his style to different hip hop programs in the area. Gil is always trying to challenge himself and his students to be diverse and partake in more than just one dance style.

Locally owned and operated dance business since 1996!


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