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Kristina Koumaeva 
Jazz/Lyrical/Contemp Teacher
Allegro Teacher since 2024

"We cannot shame ourselves into change, only love ourselves into evolution."


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Kristina Koumaeva (KK), is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and native Seattleite. Her dance journey began with Trilogy Dance Company, where she trained in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. Later, during her time at the University of Washington and in Los Angeles, she further immersed herself in cheer, modern, commercial dance, and various street styles.

From her early days as a competitive dancer to her academic pursuits at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, Kristina’s path was always intertwined with dance. Throughout her undergraduate years, she was a teacher/coach at Premiere Dance Center, performed with the UW cheer and pom squad, and on weekends traveled the country as an assistant at NUVO dance convention. She also trained and performed with The Three Yells modern dance company under the direction of Veronica Lee-Baik.

After graduating, Kristina moved to Los Angeles and pursued a commercial dance career. Signing with Bloc Talent Agency opened the door for her to work with brands such as Gucci, Hermes, Redken, and Louboutin, and acclaimed choreographers like Marty Kudelka, Richy Jackson, Chris Scott, Teddy Forance, Dana Wilson, and ICOUDLNEVERBEADANCER. Kristina also had the opportunity to dance in music videos with artists like JoJo Siwa and Justin Timberlake.

What is unique about Kristina’s LA journey is her multifaceted approach, from managing Millennium Dance Complex and directing their youth dance company to teaching group fitness at a versaclimber gym and working with Dance for All, an inclusive program for people living with disabilities. Her combination of dance experience and business expertise landed her a job orchestrating industry events with Artists Creating Entertainment, and at times, she performed or choreographed for these events!

Teaching schedule for September-June​



6:20-7:45pm Lyrical/Contemporary 3 Junior with Megan

6:20-7:45pm Lyrical/Contemporary 2/3 Senior with Megan 

8:20-9:15pm Lyrical/Contemporary 1 Senior with Megan

7:50-9:15pm Lyrical/Contemporary 5 with Megan 


6:20-7:45pm Jazz 3 Junior with Tiffany

6:20-7:45pm Jazz 4/5 with Tiffany 

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