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 Lailani Payne
Hip hop and Jazz Instructors
Allegro teacher since 2021 

 "Success is not final; Failure is not fatal; It is the courage to continue that counts!'


Lailani has been training at Allegro since she was two years old.  She is a long time member of the Allegro Precision Dance Co. and PURE Hip hop.


She has been an excellent assistant teacher for three years at Allegro and is so excited to share her love of dance with her students.


In her free time she also loves to paint.   

Lailani is excited to co-teach with her friend and teammate, Jonah!   

Teaching schedule for September 2022- June 2023


4:20-5:15pm Tap 2 Junior (ages 8-12) with Jovon

4:20-5:15pm Tap 1 Junior (ages 8-12) with Jovon

5:20-6:15pm Tap 2 Junior (ages 8-12) with Jovon

6:20-7:45pm Tap 5 Junior/Teen (ages 8+) with Jovon

6:20-7:45pm Tap 5 Teen/Senior (ages 12+) with Jovon

7:50-8:45pm Tap 3 Junior (ages 8-12) with Jovon

7:50-9:15pm Tap 2/3 Senior (ages 13+) with Jovon



6:30-7:15pm Hip Hop 1 Youth (ages 5-8)

7:30-8:25pm Jazz/Hip Hop Combo 1 Junior (ages 8-12)

fun picture.jpg

Having fun and showing off her energetic personality!

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To learn more about our staff and program, get in touch today!

To sign up, call: 253-813-9630

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