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Allegro is so excited to launch it's new youth program this fall!!

Introducing... **MOVERS & GROOVERS!**

An interactive, brain based dance program for children ages 3-8 years old!

Allegro has always had a fabulous youth program with amazing teachers and a set curriculum for specific classes and levels. So why fix what's not broken? Well... we look at it as how we can make it EVEN better.

We truly believe in dance and movement for a young child's foundation to set them up for success in the future, no matter what they choose to do. Development of motor skills, musicality, hand/eye coordination, following directions, socialization, respect, self-confidence, memory skills, self-expression, neurological development and so much more. (No really... the list goes on and on)

So with all the knowledge of teaching youth dancers, we have created our own brain based dance training of which each month has its own themes and list of items that each teacher will accomplish, which will also create even more cohesiveness between teachers as well.

Each month will have:

  • a different tactile prop to use to enhance learning

  • a dance concept that we focus on, games and songs/poems to support the dance concept theme of the month

  • a brain dance that supports the months themes & encourages imagination

  • specific dance steps that are learned and reviewed each month to set a strong foundation for their movement library

  • specific little combos that each teacher will teach all month to provide repetition for what we are working on that month

  • two other themes that represent a characteristic trait as well as an overall dance concept theme

  • PLUS a fun dance worksheet to take home to color each month!!

*For example, September themes are Feet, Work ethic (class etiquette) & injury prevention (taking care of our bodies)!

If you have had your child in any of our Pre-dance or Combo youth classes in the past, you can expect the same great quality but with even more fun plus a specific purpose each month to give your child the best foundation for their future and growth. We are using dance as our platform to teach them SO much more than dance as we want the best for your children!

We can't be more excited for this program and the benefits that it will bring to all our little dancers.

The program is inclusive to boys and girls ages 3-8 yrs. There are also options for 1-3 year olds in our Me & My Shadow (with a parent) or Tiny Tots (creative movement) classes that help to set up the littles to prepare them for Movers and Groovers in the near future... although teachers will be incorporating all of their brain dance knowledge in these classes too!

For the Movers & Groovers program, you can choose between a variety of different classes:

Pre-ballet/tap for ages 3-4 years

Pre-jazz/hip hop for ages 3-4 years

Ballet/Tap Combo 1 youth for ages 5-8 years

Jazz/Hip hop Combo 1 youth for ages 5-8 years

Jazz 1 youth for ages 5-8 years

Hip hop 1 youth for ages 5-8 years

You can learn more about these classes and register online HERE

Can't wait to MOVE & GROOVE with you all soon!


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