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Cassie Peterson
Tumbling Instructor
Allegro Teacher Since 2018

“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.” -Ghandi


Our tumbling teacher Cassie...
just hangin' out upside down!:)

Physical Fitness and the sport of Gymnastics, specifically, have been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. My gymnastics journey started when I was just 5 years old. I quickly fell in love with everything about gymnastics, especially the mental and physical challenge of the sport. Growing up, the gym was my home away from home. I competed through level 9 and “retired” due to a knee injury after a season of training level 10. Over my 13 years of competition, I was able to take home multiple All-Around and Individual Event State Championship titles, local and out of state meet gold medals, and was a USAG Regional and National meet qualifier and competitor several years in a row.

Once I “retired,” my personal gymnastics career immediately turned into the start of my professional gymnastics career. I started coaching beginning level REC classes and eventually worked up to coaching the top levels in the Junior Olympic program. I have now coached gymnastics for almost 10 years and have coached ALL Junior Olympic levels.

In 2013, I graduated from The University of Washington with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I have always been fascinated with how the brain works and I try to implement the importance of having a strong, positive mindset in my coaching.  


I believe that to be a champion in athletics (or anything in life), you must FIRST, be a champion in your mind. Having the proper mindset and believing in yourself, is KEY to your own success. One of my favorite parts about coaching is helping young athletes realize the power of their mind, and to really help them grasp the idea that their mind controls their body, and THEY control of their mind. With hard work, determination, and a continuous, conscious focus of mind and body awareness, anything can be accomplished.


My goal as a coach is to help athletes reach beyond their comfort zone, to achieve what they never thought possible, and to leave a positive, lasting impression on each of their lives. When I get to witness young athletes gain self-confidence, belief, and in turn, achieve new heights… that is when I know that I am doing what I am meant to do.

Teaching Schedule for September- June


4:20-5:15pm Tumbling/conditioning 2/3 

5:20-6:15pm Tumbling/conditioning 3/4 


4:30-5:25pm Tumbling/conditioning 2 Youth 

5:30-6:25pm Tumbling/conditioning 1 Youth 

6:30-7:25pm Tumbling/conditioning 1/2 Junior with Guils

7:30-8:25pm Tumbling/Conditioning 1/2 Senior with Guils

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