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Many training levels at our full-service academy

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What level should you be placed in?

*Note- Allegro teachers will use their expertise to place each dancer in the correct level that is best for their training, this will usually happen within the first month.


Me and My Shadow: 

Parent and child explore rhythm through singing, playing instruments, and dancing to increase balance, coordination, motor skills, and confidence. Ages 1-3


Tiny Tots on the Move

Preschoolers find joy in self-expression through music and movement. Explore creativity through rhythm, dance, and more. Ages 2-4


This is a fun introduction to ballet and tap dance steps or jazz and hip hop, basic techniques, and beginning vocabulary for the youngest students. Ages 3-5


Combo Classes: 

Incorporate a variety of dance styles, basics, choreography memorization, dance vocabulary, and lots of fun!

Youth combo classes ages 5-8

Junior combo classes ages 8-12


Level 1: 

With little or no previous dance experience, learn basic steps and terminology through delightful choreography.


Level 2: 

Upon completion of Level 1, this class expands the student’s dance terminology with more advanced concepts.


Level 3: 

This is for dancers with 3 to 4 years of dance training, depending on the student’s progress and understanding of technical concepts.


Level 4: 

Focuses on dancers with 4 to 5 years of dance training, depending on his or her progress and understanding of technical concepts.


Level 5: 

An intermediate / advanced level of training, this class is for those wanting to take their training to the next level and fine-tune strength and technical ability.


Level 6: 

An advanced level for more dedicated and experienced dancers, this is a technically based, fast-moving, challenging class.


Level 7: 

This is our most advanced level for serious dancers!

Develop confidence, coordination, and strength in your child with our expert dance instruction!

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