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allegro performance and competition teams

Allegro's  Performance & Competition Teams

At Allegro, our students are not expected to be on a team. Many dancers choose to come and simply train in our dance classes for the enjoyment of dance and the performing arts in of itself.  However at our dance studio, we have opportunities for our students if they aspire to perform more and even participate in competition. 

Performing and competing on a dance team is a great way to take one's dance training to the next level!  Besides getting more onstage experience it also helps to grow confidence & overall skills.  Important life skills such as learning how to work with others, discipline, time management, accountability and perseverance are learned as well!
Allegro Precision and PURE Dance Company is for ages 6+ and for a variety of genres. *Auditions are in July each year

The Allegro Players is for ages 8+ and is specific to Drama and Musical Theater.  *Auditions are in September each year 



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