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allegro academy class schedule

Fall 2024 Class Schedule - Fall Classes Begin Sept. 6th! 

allegro dance classes for toddlers

Dance Classes for Everyone!

Ages 1 to Adult

Fall Registration for 2024

will be open soon!

allegro advanced dance classes

Core Classes for Dance Training


Dance has beneficial qualities for all! Besides being fun and keeping you fit, there are long-term skills that are instilled simultaneously with learning dance steps.


Young dancers learn developmental motor skills, following directions, creative thinking, listening skills and very important hand/eye coordination that will aid their school studies.


All dancers learn the value of discipline, being goal-oriented, having strong work ethic, respect for others, social skills, coordination and how to work selflessly with others as a part of a team.


Dance teaches life skills that last a lifetime!

allegro dance

Performance Opportunities


Dance is a performing art and it is so important for our students to have a positive onstage experience.   To feel the excitement before you walk onstage, to see the bright lights and to hear the applause when you are done.. there is nothing like it!


Performing onstage is a demonstration of all the hard work and progress that has been accumulating in your classes and it helps to build confidence and fearlessness about being in front of groups of people (in cases of public speaking, presentations, etc...)


Click below to find out specific details for our December Holiday Showcase and our June Showcase!

In addition to our complete set of dance styles, we also offer:

MASTER CLASSES:  These occur periodically and are one time classes offered through Allegro by industry professionals.  Examples include  Emmy award-winning Tessandra Chavez and ACE Capezio finalist Jason Janas. You can check the calendar below, or better yet, follow us on social media to get the heads up as soon as we know they are coming!

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