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  • My child is interested in dancing, where do I start?"
    First of all, welcome to the world of dance! It is a fabulous place for youth to be involved in as it teaches them so much more than just dance steps; etiquette, work ethic, accountability, perseverance and much more! Any place is a great place to start, it's just about finding what interests them most. At Allegro, we allow those interested in dance to try a variety of classes before registering so the dancer can make a decision on what genre they are wanting to register for. Our website allows you to read about each genre and watch videos of each style. We recommend the parents and dancer watch these together to determine what looks the most fun for the dancer. The office can then help to set you up with trial classes in each of the genres that you want to try... then it's all about your child (and yourself) making the decision on which class to register for.
  • How has Allegro adjusted with Covid regarding new protocols?
    We continue to take the safey of our Allegro Families very seriously. Our updated Covid info is HERE We will continue to adapt based on new information and mandates that we receive. Check out our Virtual Trainings and On Demand Videos.
  • Does Allegro offer virtual options for classes? (aka ZOOM!)
    Yes we sure do! We will be offering a hybrid of in-person and virtual for the forseeable future since we are only allowed a certain amount of dancers in the studio at one time. Dancers will alternate between in-person & virtual for classes larger than our mandated amount of in-person dancers per class. For example; a class of 10 will have 5 in-person and 5 on zoom AND THEN the following week they will alternate. We do have virtual options only as well, contact the office at to let them know that is your preference and they will get you all set up! Don't forget to read this awesome blog about zoom training written by our owner, Tonya!
  • How does dancing promote physical fitness?
    Absolutely! Dance is cardio and so much fun! It helps with overall body strength, coordination and focuses on injury prevention too. Not only does it help with physical fitness but it great for brain development with learning choreography and the self expression is so beneficial for our mental health. Learn more about how dancing can help with physical fitness here.
  • Do you offer dance classes for adults only?
    We offer classes to students of all ages, our 13+ classes allow adults the opportunity to dance and learn as well as those between 13 – 18 years old. In the summer we do offer Hip hop and Jazz as adult only classes.
  • I don't understand what level I should register for if I am a beginner? What is youth, Junior, Senior?"
    - Our youngest dancers are what we call Youth, this is for ages 1-7 (You can find all of the classes, days/times here) - 8-12 are what we call Junior level, you can search under the type of dance you are looking for here: Ballet, Tap, Lyrical, Drama, Jazz, Musical Theater - 13+ are classified as Senior level, you can search under the type of dance you are looking for here: Ballet, Tap, Lyrical, Drama, Jazz, Musical Theater
  • How do I become a better dancer faster?
    Great question! The more you spend time doing something, the more you will improve. We also believe that different genres (ballet, tap, jazz, etc...) complement each other and lead to overall growth as a versatile dancer. Taking a variety of classes will ultimately help one become a better dancer faster. However, if you are limited to how many classes you can take a week, practicing at home is also an extremely helpful tool on improving on a regular basis.
  • What is the best dance style for a beginner?
    Ballet is the foundation of a dancer's training but it doesn't have to be the place to start although it is a recommended place to start. A young dancer that loves rhythm and wearing noisy tap shoes might need to start with tap and as their appreciation for dance grows, they will add ballet and other genres to their training. A young male interested in dance might be hesitant to choose a genre, although we have MANY boys training at the studio, and might choose to start in hip hop. After being inspired by seeing other boys training they might choose to add on other genres to support their hip hop training and branch out to try new dance styles.
  • How much do dance classes cost?
    Our tuition is set up by family (living in the same household) and by how many hours are taking each week. Once that amount is determined, it is a monthly fee without a long term contract. There are discounts given as you take more classes as well as an unlimited amount for dancers that choose to dance A LOT!
  • Can dance classes benefit early development?
    We feel passionate about this topic! Dance and movement is essential to our youth!! Motor skill development, hand/eye coordination, following directions and social skills are all extremely important aspects for children. We offer Me and my shadow classes for ages 1-3, their parent is in the room with them to build these concepts through creative movement. Then our Tiny tots classes for ages 2-4 is without the parent in the room to continue building on exploring movement and building strength through creative movement. Later, ages 3-5 year olds start to work on specific genres such as ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop while still working on the important concepts that are still needed for a strong foundation as a young learner.
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