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Elevation 2022  - Rise to the Challenge

2015 Elevation Teachers-

Jason Janas  (Tap)

Tricia Miranda (Hip Hop)

Tessandra Chavez (Jazz)

Pat Hon (Ballet)

Chrissie Whitehead (Musical Theater)

Kim Wolfe (Contemporary)

2016 Elevation Teachers-

Maya Jenkins (Tap)

Cameron Lee (Hip hop)

Erica Sobol (Conteporary)

Christine Juarez (Ballet)

KC Monnie (Musical Theater)

Seth Zibalese (Jazz)

 2017 Elevation Teachers-

 Ambrose  Respicio (Jazz)

Kent Boyd (Musical Theater)

Brandon Dumlao (Hip hop)

 Mitchel Federan (Contemporary)

 Nick Bowman (Tap)

Oleg Gorboulev (Ballet)

Allegro's 7th Annual In House Convention


July 29 & 30, 2023      8:30am -3:30pm





Michelle Elkin- Musical Theater

Kathryn McCormick - Lyrical/Contemporary

Sylvain Senez - Ballet

Jess Hendricks - Jazz

Ryan Vettel - Tap

Connor Gormley - Hip Hop



Level 3-7 JR or SR - Two days $245 (register after July 1st $295)

Level 2/3 Jr (Sun) - One day only $170 (register after July 1st $195)


 2018 Elevation Teachers-

Caitlin Kinney (Ballet) 

Bonnie Story (Musical Theater)

Jaja Vankova (Hip Hop)

Tasha Hamilton (Contemporary)

Acia Gray (Tap)

Britt Stewart (Jazz)

 2019 Elevation Teachers-

Vincent Hicks (Musical Theater)

Aaron Gordon (Jazz) 

Marissa Osato (Contemporary)

Maud Arnold (Tap)

Joshua Crouch (Ballet)

David Moore (Hip Hop)

Elevation is Allegro's yearly in-house convention that brings in different guest teachers to our dance studio each year.  Dance classes are offered in tap, hip hop, jazz, ballet, musical theater and contemporary as well as other possible classes such as acro, improvisation, choreography, krumping, etc..

It is an inspiring week-end held at our dance studio that is meant to motivate and elevate our dancer's training. 

The guest teachers are top notch and have amazing careers and experiences that they also share with the students at the end of the classes on the first day.

Elevation is open to all dancers ages 8+ yrs and at least a few years of experience.  Dancers from all studios and background of training are welcome!

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