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Allegro has two yearly performances at the Auburn Performing Arts Center for all their students:



Holiday Showcase - Half of the classes perform to help keep costume costs down during the holidays.   Costumes are kept inexpensive and try to use things that the dancers might already have at home.  Dress rehearsal is held at the studio, instead of the theater, in order to keep ticket prices down.  These Showcases are fun and festive for the whole family. Videography is allowed at these showcases, but absolutely NO flash photography.


June Showcase - All of the classes perform in these fabulous shows.  Costumes are ordered in January or made by a seamstress in March- May.  An impressive show that showcases the improvement of all our students throughout the year.  Neither Flash Photography  or Videography is allowed at these showcases.


Do all the students have to participate in the showcases?

No.  Showcases are optional.  Just let your instructor know so that she can choreograph the piece for the show accordingly.  We still encourage students to learn the choreography and participate in class even if they decide not to perform in the showcases.  If you are not planning to participate in the June Showcase, the office needs to be notified in December so that you are not automatically ordered a costume in early January.  Without notification, you will still be responsible for paying for the costume that was ordered.


Where is the Auburn Performing Arts Center Located?

702 4th St NE, Auburn, WA 98002 · (253) 931-4827



I don't know how to put my dancer's hair into a bun!!

Never fear... we have a 'how to' video prepared for you.  BUN MAKING 101!

Textured hair or short hair can choose their own options instead of a bun just as long as the hair is off their face. 


Can I get more June class picture order forms and is the picture time when I should arrive OR when the picture is taken?

Yes there are more forms available in the office and you will pay ‘Nigel Cooper Photography' the day of pictures.  The time given is the time your picture will be taken.  You will want to arrive early and already in your first/only costume with make-up already applied.


Can parents and friends watch the studio rehearsal and the dress rehearsal?

The studio rehearsal is only for the performers and teachers; it will be crowded at the studio so we ask that parents wait in the lobby or outside.  You are allowed to watch the dress rehearsal if the dress rehearsal is being held at the the theater.


Do we need to stay for the entirety of the rehearsals?

Oh my goodness, no.  You are welcome to leave as soon as you complete your last number.


Do I need to stay for the entire show?

There are four shows this year and they are all much shorter than the shows of the past.  We ask that everyone does stay so that the performers performing at the end of the show have a full audience to perform in front of.  We also want all of our performers to be able to participate in the final bow.


When do I wear my costumes?

Picture day, Dress Rehearsal at the theater and then of course the show.  You will NOT need your costume(s) for the studio rehearsal.


When I arrive at the theater, where do I go?

Once you arrive at the theater follow the signs in the parking lot the left of the lobby entrance, these will take you to the performer dressing rooms. Teachers will be present in the dressing rooms 1/2 hour prior to the showcases, please do not leave young dancers unattended before their is a teacher present in the room.


Are there chaperones backstage, will my child be safe?

Each dressing room will have an Allegro teacher that will guard the doorway of the room.  Young performers will not be allowed to leave the dressing room without their parent.  Teens will not be allowed to leave the dressing room until intermission unless they are done dancing and have a ticket for a seat.  It is recommended that young children bring quiet activities to keep them busy and quiet.  We will aslo have coloring books and books to read.  


What happens if there is an emergency while my child is backstage, and I am in the audience?

The Allegro instructors are in charge of getting the classes lined up before they go on stage.  They have walkie-talkies and will notify each other of any emergencies.  If needed, I will be notified and will make an announcement to the audience asking the parent to come back to the dressing room.  Your child's safety is of most importance to us.


Can I go backstage to change my child into the next costume?

Of course, but please get up from your seat in-between numbers only. It has always worked well to have another parent in your child’s class trade off with you so that one will help change both performers for one class and the other will help with another class.  This also helps slow down the traffic to the dressing rooms.


What happens after the show?

After the end bows, the curtain will go down and we will first escort all the young performers back to the dressing rooms. Please let us take them all the way back to the dressing rooms before you take your child.  We want to make sure the right child goes home with the right parent!!


Do all performers need to wear stage make-up?

Yes, younger children will, of course, not need as much.  The stage lights wash out facial features.  Make-up needed is heavier than usual foundation, powder, and blush. eyeliner, mascara, blush and red tone lipstick.  Younger children need just a little eye make-up, blush and lighter lipstick.


Am I allowed to videotape the June Showcase?

We have arranged for a professional to record all 4 of the shows, as well as, photograph all of the stage routines digitally. This digital, all-inclusive package is a part of the showcase fee of only $25 for ALL 4 shows and includes your yearbook. We do not allow other photography and videography as we offer this service to ensure you can watch the showcase and not miss a moment.

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