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Allegro's 10th Annual Dance Team Intensive
No Dance Team Intensive for 2023
Please contact if your team is interested in future dance team intensives

Here is what you will LOVE about Allegro’s Intensive:


  • Fabulous, experienced Allegro instructors (see website for bios)

  • Amazing guest choreographers from both LA and Seattle (guest choreographers may change based on availability)

  • Our overall focus is on improvement of overall ability, technical execution and fun.

  • You can use the choreography taught during the intensive for your routines. (Choreography will abide by the National Federation Spirit rules)

  • 3 different ability levels offered. 

  • Performance Showcase at the end of the camp.

  • Scholarships for both college and next year's dance team intensive will be awarded!!


Congrats to all of our scholarship recipients from our 2021 Dance Team Intensive & our $250 college scholarships recipients!


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