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Entry forms welcome through Friday 9/22!!


Auditions for  2017 Kent's Got Talent will be Sat Sept. 23rd a.t Allegro Performing Arts Academy


The show is Saturday October 7th  at 7 pm  at the Kent-Meridian PAC. All proceeds will benefit Kent Community Foundation.


Upon completing your registration you will receive a confirmation email from and then will get an email  giving you your assigned preliminary time for 2:30-4:30pm on 9/23.


Additional rules are below.

Rules & Regulations

1. All types of talent is welcome - anything not acceptable to a family audience is prohibited.  Fire and weapons are also prohibited. 

2. All applicants must reside in City of Kent and/or within boundary served by Kent School District also any employees of the city of Kent, WA. 

3.There are three age categories: Youth 12 yrs and younger, Teen 13-19 yrs old and Adult 20 yrs and up.  Ages are determined as of the day of the Preliminary competitions on Oct 30th.  Ages of a group will be averaged. (Kent's Has Talent! has ability to change/combine the age categories based on the amount of talent entries.) 

4. Judges are important community leaders and/or supporters of the arts community.  Judging Criteria will be a point system based on Quality of Content, Presentation and Overall Entertainment Value.  Business sponsors of this event will NOT be involved in the judging of the competition. 

5. Each act has a time limit of 4 minutes with 1 minute of set up time allowed. 

6. Prizes are cash awards sponsored by local businesses.  

7.  All participants will need to qualify in the Audition September 23.   5 acts in each age division will be chosen to perform on October 7th. If chosen, contestants must perform the same act of which they auditioned with. 

8.  Winners of the competition will need to be available for interviews and press events.  They will also be expected to participate in the community as a celebration of their victory! 

9. This event is sponsored by local businesses and all proceeds will benefit Kent Community Foundation. 

10. Please fill out the registration form and submit by September 13th.  You will be contacted to determine the time of your preliminary competition by September 20.


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