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Ricki-Lyn Coppock

Youth Department Chair

Allegro Teacher since 2003

"Develop an interest in life as you see it; the people, things, literature, music - the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself." -Henry Miller

A Home Studio Teacher


Ricki-Lyn has been dancing since the age of 3. She started at a local Kent dance studio called Dance Connections. At age 14 she decided to further her training and moved to Allegro Performing Arts Academy. She spent age 15 assisting Allegro instructors in several classes, and in 2003 she started teaching her own classes. While a student at Allegro, Ricki-Lyn participated in Allegro Precision Dance Company, P.UR.E. Hip hop, and the Musical Theater Program. She was involved in many showcases and competitions, performed in the Miss Auburn Pageant, and did as many community performances as she possibly could.


A Versatile Instructor


Ricki-Lyn is a Versatile teacher who shares her knowledge in Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Ballet, Tap, and Musical Theater with a focus on providing a fun outlet and strong foundation for youth and beginning dancers. Growing up at Allegro, she became a well-rounded dancer, which lead to her being a well-rounded Instructor, as well. You can catch her teaching anything from Senior Lyrical, to Junior Hip Hop, to Me and My Shadow classes. She is Allegro’s Youth department chair, and although she can teach a plethora of classes, she has a soft spot for Youth and beginner dancers. She is still involved in the competition world as a choreographer for Allegro Precision Dance Company, and P.U.R.E. Hip Hop. She has choreographed for the Miss Auburn Pageant, various musical excerpts, and dance teams. She is also a certified Rhythm Works instructor- making dance accessible and inclusive to special populations, and she is partnered with the DEA Educational Foundation, as an instructor for the DEA Youth Dance Program.


Continued Education


Over the years, Ricki-Lyn as had many opportunities to further her dance training and education, and she is so grateful to Tonya and Allegro, for providing so many of these wonderful experiences. As a teen she was able to attend Tap festivals in Vancouver B.C. and attend the American Tap Dance Institute Summer Tap Festival in Chicago. As an adult she has received training at the Dance Teacher Summit on multiple occasions, The Pulse Teacher Conference, Hollywood Vibe’s Ideas Seminar, and became a certified Rhythm Works Instructor.  


She loves to share her passion for dance with all ages, levels, abilities, and backgrounds and is so happy she gets to share her experiences at her home studio!

Teaching schedule for September 2022- June 2023


4:20-5:15pm Hip Hop 2 Youth (ages 5-8)

5:20-6:15pm Ballet 2 Junior (ages 8-12) with Emily

5:20-6:15pm Ballet 1 Junior (ages 8-12) with Emily

6:20-7:15pm Hip Hop 1 Junior (ages 8-12)

7:20-8:15pm Hip Hop 2 Junior (ages 8-12)


3:30-4:15pm Tiny Tots (ages 2-4) with Becca

6:25-7:10pm Hip Hop 1 Youth (ages 5-8)

7:20-8:15pm Lyrical 2 Junior (ages 8-12)

8:20-9:15pm Jazz 2 Junior (ages 8-12)


4:20-5:15pm Combo 2 Youth (ages 5-8)

5:20-6:15pm Stretch and Strength Junior (ages 8-12)

6:20-7:15pm Combo 3 Youth (ages 6-9)

7:20-8:15pm Tap 1 Senior (ages 13+)

8:20-9:15pm Lyrical 1 Senior (ages 13+)


4:25-5:20pm Ballet/Tap Combo 1 Youth (ages 5-8)

5:25-6:10pm Pre Ballet/Tap (ages 3-5)

6:20-7:05pm Danceable Junior (ages 8-12, class for those with special needs)

7:15-8pm Danceable Senior (ages 13+, class for those with special needs)

Ricki rockin' a crepe in Paris! 

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