Stretch & Strength classes -
fine tuning the body for dance

About our Stretch & Strength & Flexibility Classes 

Conditioning the body and injury prevention work are essential to every dancer's training. Stretch and strength classes will help dancers increase their endurance, strength and flexibility.  Well qualified teachers prepare exercises based on dancer's needs and are constantly working on educating themselves to better their students. Our dance studio takes injury prevention very seriously.  

A separate flexibility class is offered at the end of the evening with the expectation that dancers bodies are very warm and ready for deep stretching after their dance classes. This time is dedicated to increasing flexibility by relaxing into static stretches.


Dress code for Stretch & Strength & 

Flexibility classes... and what to bring

*no distracting jewelry or watches in any class

Please wear comfortable dance/workout clothes with layers that you can easily remove as you build inner heat. Bring a  dynaband/TheraBand, tennis ball and towel as they are required for this class. A yoga block is also highly recommended.

Stretch and Strength YOUTH classes please bring: Yoga Mat, Yoga Block, dynaband/TheraBand, tennis ball, towel &  water bottle


kids stretch & strength class
stretch for dance classes