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Dezmond Garcia
Hip Hop Instructor

Allegro Teacher since 2022
"The best use of your life is to live your life, that the use of your life outlives your life."


NW hip-hop dancer and choreographer; Dezmond Garcia started his journey as captain of his high school dance team where they received state and national championships.  While a part of his high school dance team, he attended Allegro's Summer Dance Team Intensive where he earned a scholarship for free Allegro tuition!!

He received his training under Daniel Cruz, Valicia Valliani and Joselitto Castillo, along with many other influential dancers and choreographers.

He  has roots in many styles of dance such as ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, and bollywood. Dezmond was accepted into Cornish College of the Arts and has performed in many venues here in the northwest such as World Of Dance, Beamer Breakdown, Cruz Control and much more.

He continues to share his love and passion for dance both in the classroom and online.

Dez has a contagious energy and passion for dance that his students are motivated by!



Teaching schedule for September- June


4:20-5:15pm Hip Hop 2 Junior

5:20-6:15pm Hip hop 4 Senior

6:20-7:15pm Hip Hop 2/3 Senior


4:30-5:25PM Hip hop 1 JR 

5:30-6:25PM Hip hop 2 Junior

6:30-7:25pm Hip Hop 1 Senior

Our hip hop teacher, Dez...
hanging out in the lobby/ in the air!!

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