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Drama –  All the world's a stage!

About our Drama classes

These classes explore many different forms of expression through the use of improvisation, memorization, and presentation. Students learn listening skills, confidence, stage presence, and so much more in a fun and creative way. 

Instructor for these classes is Jennifer Saul.

We, at Allegro, are not just a dance studio! We are proud to be a performing arts academy that includes drama and musical theater into our program.

We strongly believe in versatility and how all the different genres and training will compliment each other to make one well-rounded performer.

These drama classes are perfect for experienced dancers that want to add to their performance abilities OR for the student that wants to focus on drama and possibly dabble in dance classes, as well.

Dress code for all Drama levels

*no distracting jewelry or watches in any class

Wear comfortable clothing


Shoes: sneakers or jazz shoes. 


Hair: Pulled up out of face

drama class show

Do you have questions about our inspiring dance programs? For answers, call:


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