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Megan Butler
Lyrical/Contemporary Department Chair
Allegro Teacher since 2002

'Each day we are born again. What we do today matters most.' -Buddha


Allegro-grown dancer and teacher

Megan Butler has been teaching ballet, lyrical, contemporary, and jazz professionally since 2002.  She is known for her award winning choreography, injury prevention and recovery work, and dedication to her students.

Performance Experience

Megan has worked under top choreographers including Mandy Moore, Tabitha and Napoleon, and has traveled internationally as a dancer in the Tanszommer European Tour. Growing up, Megan was also on Allegro's performing group for many years and competed in a wide variety of genres.


Education and Certification

She further continued her dance education when she received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington. There she fell in love with dance anatomy and bio-mechanics and went on to earn her P.T. Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  


Her education and unique approach to body awareness has allowed even her youngest students to excel in technique, strength, and flexibility. Megan continues to share her passion helping dancers strive for excellence in their art and reach for their dreams.

Teaching schedule for September-June


4:20-5:15pm Jazz 2 Youth

5:20-6:15pm Stretch and Strength 

6:20-7:45pm Lyrical 2/3 Senior with Ricki-Lyn and Landon

6:20-7:45pm Lyrical 3 Junior/Teen with Ricki-Lyn and Landon

7:50-9:15 Lyrical 5 

9:15-9:30pm Flexibility

Our lyrical/contemporary and
jazz teacher, Megan... hanging out
by our water refill station reminding us
to stay hydrated!

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