Phi Voba

Hip Hip Instructor

Allegro Teacher since 2019

"Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin never died.  They simply became music." 

~ Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins)



Phi is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher based out of the greater Seattle area. 


He has worked extensively in both the community and industry sides of dance, dancing for the likes of Macklemore, Why Don't We, and the Monsters Show.  

Allegro is excited to have Phi work with our students and be a part of Allegro family!

Teaching Schedule September-June 2021-2022


4:15-5:10pm Hip Hop 5 Junior/Teen (ages 8+)

5:20-6:15pm Hip Hop 4 Junior/Teen (ages 8+)


4:20-5:15 Hip Hop 4/5 Teen/Senior (ages 12+)

5:20-6:15pm Hip Hop 6/7 (approved ages)

6:25-7:20pm Hip Hop 2/3 Senior (ages 13+)

7:25-8:20pm Hip Hop 1 Senior (ages 13+)

Phi training and dancing hard!

Locally owned and operated dance business since 1996!


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To sign up, call: 253-813-9630

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