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Heather Miller
Youth and Hip Hop Instructor
Allegro Teacher since 2013
"I learned to dance in the rain so I didn't have to search for an umbrella my whole life."


Young Lady with a Broad Range of Accomplishments

Heather is an Allegro alumni and we are excited to have her on staff! After graduating from Kentwood high school, she spent some time in LA at American Musical and Dramatic Arts Academy.  She danced at Allegro for 12 years and was a member of the Allegro Precision Dance Company and PURE Hip hop.  Heather was a original cast member of Radio Disney for 4 years and was also a Kent youth arts commissioner for the city of Kent. Recently, Heather became Miss Auburn 2017 promoting her platform about childhood obesity. 

Teaching Experience

Heather has many teaching and mentoring the students at Allegro, while also having 5 years experience with assisting at Allegro before becoming a teacher herself. 

Education and Goals

A graduate from Green River Community College with an AA degree and has recently graduated Pima Medical Institute with her Medical Assistants degree. She wishes to specialize in pediatrics so she can still work with children because they are her favorite types of humans. 


Teaching schedule for September 2022- June 2023


5:25-6:20pm Hip Hop 1 Youth (ages 5-8) with Rae

6:20-7:05 Danceable Junior (ages 8-12- class for those with special needs) with Ricki-Lyn

7:15-8pm Danceable Senior (ages 13+- class for those with special needs) with Ricki-Lyn

8:25-9:20pm Jazz 1 Senior (ages 13+)

'Under the Sea' with Heather & her little sister!

Locally owned and operated dance business since 1996!


To learn more about our staff and program, get in touch today!

To sign up, call: 253-813-9630

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