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Learning dance, discipline, and life skills

From beginners to advanced students, we offer classes for all ages. Our instructors go beyond dance to help students learn important life skills as well as quality training in the performing arts!  Dance is essential for teaching perseverance, accountability, work ethic as well as motor skill development, hand/eye coordination and so much more...

How to Choose a Dance Style That is Right For You

Ballet is the foundation of a dancer's training but it doesn't have to be the place to start although it is recommended.  A young dancer that loves rhythm and wearing noisy tap shoes might need to start with tap and as their appreciation for dance grows, they will add ballet and other genres to their training.  A young male interested in dance might be hesitant to choose a genre,  although we have MANY boys training at the studio, and might choose to start in hip hop.  After being inspired by seeing other boys training they might choose to add on other genres to support their hip hop training and branch out to try new dance styles. 

 Our website allows you to read about each genre (below)and watch videos of each of them.  We recommend the parents and dancer watch these together to determine what looks the most fun for the dancer.   The office can then help to set you up with trial classes in each of the genres that you want to try... then it's all about your child (and yourself) making the decision on which class to register for. 

Getting started with your classes at Allegro Performing Arts Academy

Sign up today with our easy, online registration! Please feel free to call our helpful office staff with any questions as well. We offer classes for the following disciplines:


Hip Hop
Musical Theatre
Stretch & Strength
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