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Back to DANCE school!

Dance studios across the country have a variety of summer programs but the fall dance class schedule means getting back to structured classes for the experienced dancers as well as welcoming the new dancers.

September and October is such an exciting time of the year! Imagine how many dancers, of all ages, will be taking their first dance class ever! For dance educators, this is our opportunity to make an impact. A first positive experience with dance will create a dancer, a future dance supporter and a happy, healthy, artistic individual for a lifetime!!

For the new dancer, and their parents, there are some things to take note of too:

•Dance is fun – but proper etiquette is expected and hopefully your dance teacher or studio will explain this to you. In a world that is becoming more and more accepting of not being respectful to one another and not using manners, dance still holds on strong to these values. What a great place for young dancers to not only learn to dance but also learn important life lessons to take with them later into adulthood.

•You are special! Each dancer is beautiful and each body moves differently!! Dance is an art and each and every single dancer is the canvas. Appreciate yourself and let other dancers inspire you but don’t compare yourself and put yourself down because you don’t dance like someone else. Enjoy the art, enjoy the happiness that dance brings to your soul because… you are special!!

•Even though Dance Moms is a popular show right now – that is NOT the norm at studios across the country. Great dance parents, dads and grandparents too, know to trust the teachers and studio to provide great training and to just help to support their dancer by giving hugs, compliments, getting them to class on time, being positive about other dancers, etc…

If you haven’t registered for fall classes yet at your local dance studio, do so soon! September & October is truly the best time to register. If you are a beginner, it’s when the teacher will start at the beginning of the syllabus and you will get the best foundation possible by starting slowly with the basics. If you are a returning dancer, September & October classes usually start off with review and if you haven’t been dancing all summer… this will be especially important for you.

Allegro’s fall classes began in September although new registration will continue throughout the year. I am always overwhelmed with joy to know that all those new dancers filled with excitement will be filling our hallways ready to bring dance into their lives. So make sure to include back to ‘dance’ school shopping with your regular school shopping. There are so many wonderful reasons to dance but you won’t get to experience it if you don’t try it out. Find your local dance school and go find out for yourself what the hype is about!! It’s the fall – let’s get back to dance!!

Tonya MW Goodwillie

It’s fall and that means back to school for all the kids and off to college for many as well! For young dancers out there, it doesn’t just mean shopping for new school supplies and preparing an awesome first day of school outfit, but also getting new pointe shoes fitted and re-organizing your dance bag!

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