It’s Okay to Say No: Time and Self Management

It is incredibly difficult to say no when you are given an opportunity. You want to do everything because you never know when you’ll get to have such an opportunity again. However, the more you say yes, the more you may feel yourself go slightly crazy as every door opens letting a different hurricane in. I performed an experiment for myself for a few months, limiting my “yes’s.” In doing so, I learned that closing certain doors tames the hurricane. Dancers constantly have to deal with the struggle that is time management. Between homework, classes, rehearsals, being a teenager, and other ailments, it can sometimes become too much. It is imperative that we choose our battles wisely. I have fo

Thoughts from a male dancer

As a male dancer you will face many challenges as you grow up. You will come across many people with different assumptions and opinions of you just because you dance. It's very important to never forget why we love what we do and to push through when you come across any roadblocks. Growing up dancing will always give you a label, this is just something we have to come to terms with and completely rock being the “dance boy”. Feeling included in school is very important because you are there the majority of the day when you're not at the studio. Something that I have noticed is, due to the fact that dancers are a minority among your peers and teachers it's hard for students to feel as though t

Danceable Classes at Allegro!

What I’ve Learned From My Amazing Students My name is Crystal Martinez and I have the distinct pleasure of co-teaching Allegro’s adaptive dance class, DanceAble. DanceAble is designed to bring dance education to students with special needs and learning styles, and I have to tell you that it is the highlight of my week. So, for Autism Acceptance Month, I thought I would give you a glimpse into what’s happening on Wednesday afternoons at Allegro. I could write pages about the benefits of this program, but today I wanted to focus on what this program has taught me. So, without further ado, here are: 5 things that I have learned from my amazing students. Patience DanceAble has many different s

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