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Top 5 benefits of being on a dance studio competition team!

Thinking of auditioning for your dance studio's performance and competition team? There are so many good reasons to consider it and here are our top five:

1) You get to DANCE more!

If you love to dance, being on a team gives you opportunities to dance more. More time dancing in rehearsals, on stage at performances and competitions and with a wide variety of teachers and choreographers.

2) You will improve more!

It may seem obvious, but because you are dancing more... you are also improving faster. Being on a team also changes your mindset so you look at your training in an even more goal oriented way.

3) Connections with other like-minded people!

School friends do not always understand the drive and determination of a dancer. Being on a team surrounds you with a community of other dancers that love dance and are committed to their art form.

4) Life Lessons!

Dance is not JUST about the steps. It is also about the journey and the process. The effort it takes to get a performance stage ready teaches young dancers so many wonderful skills to prepare them for their adult life; consistency, accountability, teamwork, communication, focus, effort, time management and so much more.

5) It's fun!!!

We can work hard on team together but we can also have fun with each other. Dancing is part of the fun but at Allegro we also have other ways to celebrate and to connect such as dance buddies, full team finale pieces, team bondings, year end celebration and coming back this year... a competitive buddy-a-thon party!

Allegro's team auditions for both Precision Dance Company and PURE Hip Hop are this week-end. If you are thinking of auditioning, make sure to attend our pre-audition info meeting for new parents on July 11th at 6:30PM.

*Note we have a younger team for dancer's ages 5+ with a year or two of experience AND a recreational team for all ages that is a great starting point for dancers wanted to get started on team!

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