Failure is a success if you learn from it!

Let’s face it Dance World… We live in a competitive arena where everything is rewarded… the good, bad, ugly, beautiful, technical, non-technical… you get the picture LOL! Back in my day, we danced and hopefully made it back to the stage to receive a 1st-4th place trophy. I remember just sitting in the audience envying the talented dancers that beat me on that given day. I remember wanting and being determined to make it back on that stage the next time! So I did what every dancer that wanted to be successful did, I watched the rest of the competition taking mental notes on what was successful and what was not and then went back to the studio on Monday and worked my butt off! We as dancers an

Choices. Dance, like life, is all about them!

"Everybody has got the potential for great-good and great-wrong within them, but it is the choices we make that define who we really are." ― Charles de Lint Choices: life is all about them; we decide what to eat, what to wear, how much to exercise, when to talk, when to listen, when to give your all, and when to rest. Choices can also be applied to your outlook; your own personal perspectives on the world around you. How you respond to the culture of expectations that exist in everyday living is yours to decide. Will your outlook weigh you down, or lift you up? It is a powerful notion. I recently read an article about a guy named Jerry, who left the back door of a restaurant open when lockin

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