Making the most of your time!

Hi everyone! Let’s be honest, it is the beginning of rush season. The days are shorter, Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner, and you still have homework to do. Although we are busy, it is crucial that training continues. “I have no time to stretch.” Surely you do! Take just ten minutes before you go to sleep or before you get ready in the morning and do a light dynamic stretch. If you are in the middle of studying, hold a plank while taking a brain break or when you need a second to think. Getting up and moving around is a great way to clear your mind. “I ate too much, I cannot do anything.” Yes, you totally can. When you feel that physical activity is not an option, educati

Traveling in Dance

In the dance world exposure is everything; what teachers you take from, styles you train in, opportunities you choose, venues you perform at; all of this molds you into the mover you are right now. But what if these experiences were only based in one area? What if all you knew only came from one system of learning? Does that devalue the education and training you receive? Does that truly make you a versatile performer? That is what we are here to discuss… traveling in the arts. While it is accessible and widely considered by dancers, it is many of times overlooked and underprioritized. So many artists stay in one area their entire career, and while that may be sufficient to them I always thi

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