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Dance recital survival guide:)

It's dance showcase/recital season!!

How can you best prepare for your child's showcase performance?

The end of the season dance performance is a wonderful experience and can make fabulous memories for years to come! However, stress can creep up on you if you are not fully prepared and then that takes away from the positivity that exists from seeing your dancer light up on stage.

So what to do...

1) Stay informed on information early on

Don't wait until the last minute. As soon as your studio releases dates, times and other info... get it in your calendar!! Communicate right away if there are any conflicts to work through.

2) Attendance

Yes, going to class regularly will help you to be more prepared! Great attendance will set you up for success. Also, see your class as a team and by being there you are part of the piece of the puzzle to the whole piece looking great for everyone. Don’t forget to attend extra show rehearsals and dress rehearsals as these will also help the performers to be extra prepared for showtime!

3) Practicing

Kids these days are so busy and might not be at home very often. So ‘Practice at home!’ isn’t always valid. Learn how to practice in short periods of time that can happen anywhere, even on the go. Listen to the music in the car, visualize certain sections, go through specific parts slowly, watch videos (may be provided by the teacher/studio or can be recorded during class.) Practicing is about remembering the choreography but don’t forget to practice with facial expressions, proper technique and any feedback that you are given by the teacher as well.

4) Costume prep

Once you get your costumes, double check that they fit. Keep in mind that lycra is supposed to be form fitting but we don’t want it to dig into the skin or be too tight in the girth. Make sure to hang the costumes up right away and take good care of them so they can be wrinkle free for the performance.

5) Write your dancer's name in EVERYTHING

Dressing rooms can get a little chaotic! This will help to get these items returned to you and save you the stress of having to replace anything last minute.

6) What to pack

*Copies of rehearsal schedules and show orders to help the performer stay organized backstage

*Extras of everything; tights, etc...

*Water… not colored drinks!!

*Healthy snacks… keep in mind that most dressing rooms do not allow food

*Things for the performer to do just in case there are waiting around times; books, simple puzzles, etc…

(to avoid expensive electronics)

7) A good night's sleep!

Sleep is important. A well rested performer will have both physical and mental energy to do their best at the performance.

8) Get to the theater early

Most dance studios recommend getting to the theater 1 hour before showtime. This gives you a chance to find parking, find your way to the dressing rooms and get the performers dressed and ready. Don’t forget to remind your child to warm up! Then you can get your family and friends all gathered to get seated and ready for the show… also you might need to print your tickets ahead of time to make the process less stressful for you.

9) Relax and Enjoy

Take a deep breath and really be in the moment when your child is on stage. What a special time to see the culmination of their hard work, talent and excitement for the performing arts! Think about what this process teaches them and try to see the bigger picture for all the benefits of this fun experience.

10) Celebrate after!

Celebrate and congratulate!! No matter what happens on stage, tell them how proud you are of them for working hard and being brave. Most performers are never 100% happy with their performance and may tend to focus on what they could have done better. Focus on the positive and have them tell you what they did right and what THEY are proud of! Take pictures, give flowers and make sure there are LOTS of hugs. You will want to have memories of this for many years to come and you want your child to remember how proud you were of them!


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