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Expressing Yourself Through Freestyle

Many times, when dancers hear the word “Freestyle”, it is accompanied by a sigh, or a negative reaction.

As a hip hop dance instructor, I urge to change that reaction amongst my students. Freestyle is something

I aim to incorporate into every single one of my classes to get dancers more comfortable with it.

What is freestyle, you ask? Well, my main definition to each one of my classes is basically, anything. First, is

listening to the music that is given and determining how it makes you feel in that moment. No moves

should be planned out beforehand, and it should mainly be a self-expression of how that dancer feels in

the moment and how they connect to the music. There are three main pieces of advice that I try to express

to my students for their freestyle.

1. You should not have a set plan or moves in your head before you start freestyling. One of the

beautiful parts of freestyle is that there are no clear moves you must incorporate or use in your

freestyle. Whatever the music makes you feel should guide your movement, and your mind

should feel utterly free.

2. There are no wrong moves in freestyle! Dance is such a magnificent artform that allows artists to

express themselves through movement without words. So, do not be afraid to explore. Try new

moves, do some floor work, use lessons taught from other teachers. Do not be afraid to explore


3. Be unique. Each person is different; therefore, each dancer's freestyle should be different. Each

person has their own personality, which viewers should be able to see through that dancer's

freestyle. If someone is feeling happy that day, maybe they feel like doing bigger, high energy

moves. Or if a dancer is feeling free, and calm in that moment, their moves may be more flowy.

THERE ARE NO RULES TO FREESTYLE! Be adventurous and try something new. Show how you feel

in that moment through your freestyle, and do not be afraid of being YOU!!

By: Erin Anderson


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