‘My teacher doesn’t like me’ … from a teacher’s perspective

Teaching for over 27 years to all ages of students, I have seen many generational trends through the years. The concept of ‘My teacher doesn’t like me’ is definitely not a new phrase but I feel like I have been hearing it more and more lately. I am not only a teacher but also the owner of our dance academy. When our customers come to me with any concerns, I am there to listen and to help navigate them to a solution. And of course, my concern is having a safe, healthy atmosphere for all our dancers. As the owner I am also the manager of our staff and we discuss many topics that are important to the well being of our students at our studio such as injury prevention, teaching to a variety of

Ways To Make Your Child's First Dance Class A Success

Tis the season of getting settled back in school as well as new activities! If your child is a new dancer or thinking about trying dance soon, here is some helpful advice: 1. Set proper expectations Whether you’ve chosen, Tiny tots, Pre-Dance, Hip hop or Tap, your child will enjoy the experience much more if they understand what dance class will be like. There will be time to work and time to play. Let them know that when the teacher is talking it’s time to be quiet. The teacher is going to tell them all the secrets of dancing, and if they forget to listen, they might miss it! You can prepare them by explaining they will need to practice, which will make dancing all the more fun. Not only w

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