Disappointment and how to deal with it

It is inevitable, at some point in everybody’s life you will hear “no” or let yourself down. It could be not getting a job, getting a bad score on a test or not getting that double platinum and high score that you were hoping for. Especially as competition dancers where we are constantly judged and competing against your friends, you have a much higher chance of being put in these situations . In this article I’m going to share my personal experiences and tips on dealing with losing or letting yourself down. Younger dancers: I started dancing competitively when I was 8 years old. With younger kids, they don’t always understand what is happening or who “wins” and who “loses”. I can’t remember

Dealing With Injuries: Getting Over a Mental Roadblock

An overwhelming majority of the time, dance is an incredibly positive experience. Dance has taught me to push myself beyond not only what I am capable, but what I can imagine is possible. Consistently, I am reminded that with dedication and commitment, even the seemingly impossible is achievable. However, injuries are often hard to recover from, and beyond just physically; mentally, it can be tough not focusing on negatives and the training time you will “lose”. In my experience, I had a difficult time getting over that mental roadblock after an injury a few years ago, but once I set my mind to more positive thinking, it enabled me to return to doing what I love. From the moment I started ta

Commitment as a Lifestyle

There comes a time when you must decide if something in your life is an interest or a commitment. Interest says, “This thing is kind of cool. I might check it out. If it easily accessible, I’ll do it.” Commitment says, “This is what I want. I will go out of my way to understand it. I will pursue it fully.” A lifestyle of commitment has three key elements. Do your research, apply yourself, and pursue your passion. Do Your Research When you commit to something, you commit to homework. Lots of it! Read every book, watch every TEDtalk, learn all that you possibly can. My commitment to the performing arts has created a weird habit, that the rest of my family finds obnoxious. I am obsessed with th

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