Dance is a whole body experience

Dance is a whole body experience. When we dance, we engage our bodies, our minds and our souls. Not only is dance a physical activity requiring strength, flexibility, and stamina, but it also requires mental toughness, intelligence, social awareness and emotional balance. Dancers take a lot of classes involving extensive use of their bodies; stretching, strengthening and generally pushing themselves to the limit physically. It’s important to know how hard to push, when to back away, when to go harder, when to stop. This involves really listening to your body and taking in all of the information needed to know what to do next. Alignment is the first aspect to consider. Dancers are consistentl

A Smile goes a Long Way!

Last week, a student came up to me in the middle of warm up, on the first day of class, and said, “Miss Ricki, I will never get sick of seeing your smile.” I have already posted this on Facebook, got like 45 likes and pretty much feel like a rock star. I am bringing it up again, not because I am bragging about feeling Facebook famous, but because I was reminded that you never truly know how much you really are affecting your student’s lives. This student was in my class last year, but this summer she only saw me about two times in class. I’m sure she did a million other fun things, had a blast with the other teachers, and gained a ton of knowledge, but something about the way I smile at her

All the World is a Stage

By Allegro instructors, Oct 22 2014 08:12PM I would be perfectly content if life was a musical. If the girl in front of me at Starbucks suddenly broke out into a beautiful ballad about Taylor, the latte boy; I would be the first to throw in a nice low harmony. I realize that I may be in the minority when it comes to my affinity for all things musical. Most people are probably content confining their melodic outbursts to their showers. However, that doesn’t mean Mr. Shakespeare didn’t have a point when he mused that “all the world is a stage.” Now, I am willing to admit that he may have been making a deeper point about the masks that we wear to hide from the world, but allow me to borrow his

Taking Care of your Dancing Body

As dancers, our body is our instrument. We go through tough rigorous classes and often forget to take care of and listen to our bodies. We need to think of our bodies like an expensive piano or saxophone, and take the upmost care of them. Every dancer’s body is different and needs special attention and needs. I’m going to go over a few things that I find are helpful but wont pertain to every dancer. Nutrition: Our bodies need fuel to meet the expectations of what we are asking them to do. As dancer’s our diet should be about 55-60% carbohydrate, 12-15% protein, and 20-30% fat. Carbohydrate: During heavy training and rehearsals we should increase our amount of carbohydrate to about 65%. Dance

Back to DANCE school!

Dance studios across the country have a variety of summer programs but the fall dance class schedule means getting back to structured classes for the experienced dancers as well as welcoming the new dancers. September and October is such an exciting time of the year! Imagine how many dancers, of all ages, will be taking their first dance class ever! For dance educators, this is our opportunity to make an impact. A first positive experience with dance will create a dancer, a future dance supporter and a happy, healthy, artistic individual for a lifetime!! For the new dancer, and their parents, there are some things to take note of too: •Dance is fun – but proper etiquette is expected and hope

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