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The power of visualization for dancers

Most dancers are naturally visual learners so learning how to access visualization to achieve goals can be a powerful tool.

Here are a few options to consider:

1) Picture yourself dancing in your mind

Take any of your dance goals; corrections from class, higher jumps, technical placement or even the way you want to approach a certain emotion on stage.

Close your eyes and see yourself on stage. See yourself over and over again accomplishing your goal. Execute the movements in your mind the way you hope to in reality. Try seeing yourself as if you were in the audience watching yourself on stage and then be in your body on stage and visualize what it feels like to accomplish your goal.

2) Visualize positive energy to where your body needs it

While stretching, use your breath and visualize it going to the part of your muscle that feels tight. See your breath in the middle of the tightness and with every exhale, see the tightness in your muscle dissipating and relaxing into the stretch. This can help with soreness and even overall flexibility.

3) Create something to SEE on a regular basis

Notecards, vision boards, pictures of images that inspire you or even affirmations! Place them somewhere where you can see them often. The more you see them, the better! Your mind can help to achieve your full potential. You will begin to believe it and eventually embody it!!

4) Lastly, think positive

Positive thoughts will help to get us to our goals faster. Our brain is so powerful, so if we speak negatively to ourselves we will eventually believe that instead. If you repeatedly tell yourself, 'I am not a good turner, ' then you will continue to believe that, therefore hindering yourself from improving. As you work on mental visualizations mentioned above, also double check that you are adding positive thoughts to the plan so that then can work hand in hand to help you reach your goals.

Dancers focus so much on training our bodies that we should also realize how our brains can be powerful tools in our training as well.

By Tonya Goodwillie

February 2023

“When you visualize, then you materialize.” — Denis Waitley


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