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I started dancing at 14 - A blog series for teens!

What is your relationship with fear? Do you allow it trap you? Or does it fuel you? It is easy to allow opportunities to pass you by out of fear, but what lies on the other side of that fear can be life changing. Fear now is never greater than regret later. This blog series will chronicle the stories of a group of teenagers who are standing on the other side of fear and what they have learned a long the way. These students began dancing as teenagers (a late start by today’s standards). They will share with us why they dance and what they’ve learned.

We start our series, not with a teenager, but with Allegro instructor Rebecca Rosales who shares the story of how dance entered her life and what it has meant to her:

I have always loved dance. Whether it was for a talent show, church performance, or just dancing around the house, I’ve always had a desire to dance. However, it wasn’t until I was about 14 that I decided I wanted to take formal classes. I had never really thought about taking classes until my younger sister decided she wanted to take dance classes. When I saw her perform in Allegro’s annual June Showcase and watched all the amazing performances, I immediately decided that I wanted to take classes as well. So, I enrolled in a Hip-Hop class and a Jazz class.

On my first day, I remember being very nervous because I had never had any formal training for Jazz or Hip-Hop. There were about 15 people in my classes and I knew no one. It was pretty terrifying at first. However, once classes began, it just felt right to be there. I learned so much and I looked forward to class every week because I was learning how to do something I love.

Fast forward 10 years and I’m a dance teacher now! I never thought I’d be here but I’m incredibly happy that I have been able to continue dancing. Most importantly, I get the chance to share my love for dance with other people. Who knew that going to dance classes at age 14 would turn into something so wonderful? I always thought I had to have started dancing at a really young age, but it doesn’t matter what age you start dancing, if you have a desire to dance, DO IT!

Rebecca Rosales

Allegro Instructor and Alumna

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