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Online vs Public school for training dancers

Hi dancers, teachers, and or parents. Today I'm going to be telling you about the pros and cons of online school vs. Public school. I'm going to incorporate some of my personal experiences into it as well.

To start, I'll talk about the pros of public school.

First thing is being involved with the school if that's something you're interested in. Getting to be in classes like leadership or ASB even photography and yearbook. Classes that get you involved with the school. Another pro would be that you are in a class with teachers so you are able to get help when you need it and it is easily accessible while you're there.

Now on the pros for online school. First thing would be that you get to take it wherever you need to. For example, if you do lots of traveling or have to miss school for certain things it's nice with online because you can either work ahead or bring your work with you. A second pro to online school following the last point would be getting to go at your own pace. You can work ahead if you're a fast learner and get things done.

Now for the cons of public school. Most schools have a certain amount of days you can be absent, and if you exceed that number you can get in trouble with the school. Some examples could be traveling with a convention or going on family trips etc. The last con to public school would be having to make up work. Some teachers do give you the option to get the work ahead and turn it in early, but I know some don't and coming back having a whole load of extra work to get done and being behind is a struggle.

The first con of online school would be not having immediate help as if you were in a classroom environment. Sometimes the internet can only help you so much and it can be nice to have someone there to talk you through things if you need help with specific classes. The last con to online school would be that you have to be self-motivated, otherwise you could end up very behind. Yes you can work ahead and be on time if not early on things but , that means you could be just as behind also.

Either option whether it's online or public school is truly based on what's best for you. Neither option is good or bad for everyone it all just depends on the person. I hope this helped in some type of way. Just remember everyone has their own path in life and can succeed no matter what as long as you give it your all!

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