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Why it is important to dance over the summer! (especially at Allegro)

1- It’s fun!

Allegro offers several fun, themed classes and camps over the summer. Get dressed up, do some games and crafts, and of course- dance to your favorite music!

2- It’s a great workout!

Teens and adults can choose from a variety of Senior (or adult only) classes to workout in a fun way- in an air conditioned room!

3- You get to meet new teachers!

In the summer- at Allegro, teachers rotate through classes so you get to meet many of them. It's a great way to make more connections with our staff and learn something new!

4- It is a great time to refine your skills!

Foundation and Technique are core to the artistry that is dance- take some extra classes, take some “lower” levels, and take from different teachers that may help you get that “ah-ha” moment, and some foundational skills to last a lifetime!

5- Audition prep!

Whether you are auditioning for a school dance team, competitive dance team, or getting ready for the professional dance life, taking class over the summer will help build your skills to get you ready for whatever you need to audition for!

6- We have the class you need!

Fun classes, technique focused classes, intensives, and camps. We have whatever class you need to stay entertained & keep up on your technique all summer long! Try something new too!!

By Ricki-Lyn Coppock


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