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Team dancers and injuries

Dealing with injury can be hard, and knowing how to handle it can be even harder. When you have an injury, it is important to know what steps you need to take in order to navigate through it efficiently for everyone.

I have had Achilles tendonopothy which is the swelling and tearing of the Achilles tendon. And even after countless hours of physical therapy, procedures, and alternative treatments, I still deal with pain to this day.

In the beginning, I had to sit out for months and it was hard to watch everyone dance while I had to sit out and take notes. I was worried about getting out of shape and having a hard time getting back into the swing of things So while I had to sit out, I had privates to do floor barre exercises and to learn what I could be doing in class to make the transition back to dance easier. I always made sure I was doing as much as I could to stay in shape and to keep my team informed of my condition.

Something that is especially important when you have an injury is communication. I personally turned in a doctors note every week so that everyone was informed of what I could and could not do.

Overall, injury’s can be very difficult to deal with. However if you handle it correctly, it will make it easier for you, and your team to get through.

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